College Entrance Exams: After

Hey guys! So I previously posted a personal post (Quadruple "p"s yoo) about college entrances exams and now I want to talk about how I feel after everything. 

So on Oct 12, 2014, I completed my very last test. I took three tests in total (which is considered kind of risky since they are all top universities).

Every test was challenging in different ways. 

Here is what I have to say:
1. Its not as scary as you think it is. 

Sometimes we think that we know absolutely nothing because we haven't studied as much as the others but when you start answering those question you'll realize that you can answer most of them.

2. Reviewing is a must. 

They say that these entrance tests are just composed of things that should be stored as stock knowledge. But think about it. How much stock do you still have? Reviewing will definitely replenish your supply. 

3. You can never know everything.

For every test you are given specific sub-tests such as Math Proficiency and General Science that you can study for but there are so many topics under these that you can't know all of them. It is impractical to memorize EVERYTHING under every subject. Just stick to knowing the basics about all the topics.

4. Timing is everything.

It is crucial that you pace yourself correctly so that you will be able to finish each sub-test. All that reviewing will come to nothing if you don't answer all of the questions mindfully.

Last but not least,

5. I hate shading.

Yeahp, its official.


1. Chillax

Find the perfect balance between speed and accuracy.

2. Don't forget to pee

You may think that you dont have to but trust me you will. Take that pee-break before your exam.

3. Bring a DIGITAL watch

Because trying to figure out what time it is on an analog watch is a waste of your precious time.

4. Bring two pencils! 

Its not like your gonna run out of pencil but you're gonna want another pencil when the first one becomes blunt. (Sharpening, another waste of your precious time)

5. Pray

It helps me

Comment down below about
your test taking experience and
tips :3

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  1. good luck with your exams! nice tips

  2. awww, that's awesome! :) congrats on finishing your last test! yay :D
    Good tips too, especially #3 (you can never know everything) and #5 (pray) :)



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