Room Decor Inspiration/DIY: Inspirational Still and Rings Holder


That's right! You guessed it. Im making a DIY type of post. This is my first time attempting to make something like this so pleeaaasseee have mercy on me.


1. I dont have a photo of this (sorry) but all you have to do is to take bond paper, a water color, and a paint brush and well.... PAINT!! There are NO rules here. Just take your brush, apply the color that you want then place it on your piece of paper.

-I soaked the brush well in the water so that I could get that really diluted application that makes water color so appealing. 
-MIX MIX MIX COLORS! You can never really go wrong
-Paint with the paper on a diagonal so that the paint drips as you swipe the brush back and forth the paper.

2. Tear that piece of paper up (tear with your hands not a pair of scissors)

3. Create whatever pattern that you want on the paper THEN start glue-ing.
[You can do what I did and print on the paper something inspirational beforehand.]

This one is really easy

1. Take heart plates

2. Place on the table

3. Take rings

4. Place them on the plates

[I had to spray paint one heart silver]

Last Step: Admire your hardwork

Comment down below
about really good DIYs
I should try <3

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  1. cool! love the colors :) What font did you use for the quote? :)

  2. Aww that's such a cute poster! I love getting crafty! I have lots of coloured paper so am going to be cutting simple shapes for halloween to decorate my student house yay! :') xo

  3. These are so simple, but very cute :)

    Aissa // tea in january

  4. Very lovely and sweet diy ^^

    恵美より ♥


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