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Oh yes, She's back

Whenever I would buy things online, I would make use of my own money.
Thus, I use the least amount of money that I can.
I would scour the inter-webs for sites that would provide me with very cheap pieces.
One of these site was Mayuki.com.tw
This is my VERY SHORT review:

I bought 5 things, a pair of black shorts, a cobalt blue top, 
a white blouse, a printed sleeveless shirt, and  
a pair of white sneakers.

NOTE: I spent 2k+ Philippine pesos for 5 items
~The white sneakers were good and looked like the photo
~Cobalt blue top was looked like the one shown in the photo
~fast shipping

~Difficult to purchase from since it is not in english and there is a 
different way of ordering if you are outside of Taiwan.
~Apart from the items I mentioned in the PROS area the 
materials used for the items are...... no.... just no...
~My printed T-shirt was printed badly (it looked as if it was something that was
washed 50 times and the print was starting to come off)
~White blouse... oh the white blouse.. Dont get me wrong, I would still wear
it but the sewing was just off. I had to tuck in my blouse so that I could make it seem
like the lace detailing was sewed straight and use a cross bag so that people
would not see the crooked neckline.
<Pls excuse the pimples>

~If you are the kind of person that has no problem with the quality that you
sacrifice for cheap clothing, GO AHEAD! This is the place for you :3
~However, I am not one of those people. I would recommend that if you
would like to buy something from this site, make sure that it is a basic. 
(no print, no fancy detailing)

I really hated having to write this negative post however I believe
that it is my responsibility to give you guys honest information~

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  1. every now and then, I purchase crazy prints and when I am bored, I just chuck it away... :)))

  2. This might sound awfully posh, but I don't mean to. I basically don't buy anything cheap. There's three reasons:

    1: The person who made it is unlikely to get proper payment for their work (even if they inhabit a low-price-level country)
    2: Quality, quality, quality - I believe in buying clothes (and all other things) that LAST
    3: Buying, say, a five dollar t-shirt is a small environmental crime - the quality of the garment is so poor that it will hardly last two washes, and as a consumer you are hardly going to dedicate to taking care of the garment, or choosing it carefully, as it costs so little.

    I believe in buying less, choosing well and making it last.


    1. Yes yes and yes~ Thank you for sharing :)

  3. I love cheap stuff too!! but totally have to be careful about the quality~ Thanks for sharing! At least the blouse looks good the way you tucked it in :)


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