How I Fell into K-pop (or just 'everything' korean)

Being a normal human being, I tend to stay clear of everything I'm originally not a part of. 
I wouldn't be one of those people who tease others due to differences in each others preferences but I sure wasn't one of those who just hopped on to every single band wagon.
In this post I want to talk about how I started my relationship... with Kpop.

For those of you who don't know, K-pop means Korean pop. 
The first time I encountered K-pop was on the television but I never really took notice of it.
However one day I watched the funniest (This may be an exaggeration) video of all time.
It was an episode of one korean show called "We Got Married" wherein famous personalities are matched up and --well, 'married'. 
Seems strange? I know.
But it turned out to be GENIUS. 
The specific episode that I watched was the one that featured a group of couples on a horror 'vacation' and man was I entertained. 

Since then I found myself interested in Korean shows and one day I found my sister watching another Korean show and this one was called "Hello Baby". 
Basically, its about K-pop groups taking care of babies.
Seems strange? I know.
But guess what? It was the best waste of my time.

As I watched these episodes I began to take curiosity of the boy group being featured.
Let's just say... I did some major online stalking on SHINee.

I'm hooked.

I don't really posting stuff like this but I just wanted to let you guys now that sometimes what you think you 'hate' is something you actually like. Take the risk and be the one who cares enough to even ask a person about what they like and stop sheltering yourself on what's the popular opinion.

 Basically, just keep an open-mind.

[Heads up guys, a new haul/review is coming up next]

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  1. I'm not a huge fan of k-pop, but I do love korean food and beauty products! I just posted about my korean skincare haul, check it out :)


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