QUICKIES! Oasap review + Rings obsession

It's been way too long since I've last posted because I've bombarded with my review classes.
[Do you guys also have review classes before taking the entrance exam for a college?]

Anys, I just wanted to share with you all my experience 1st experience with Oasap.
Oasap.com, for all of you who don't know, is an online shopping site.
I got 1 bag from that site as my "tester" and lemme tell ya, it's now my everyday bag.

The photo from the site looks like this:

This is the photo of the one I got:

-Perfect size (A little on the bigger side compared to my other bags)
-Comfy straps (Yeay for 'cushioned' straps!)
-Gorg design

-Suede-y material so ya gotta be careful
-The inside isn't very pretty (It's plain and lined with a cheap fabric)

What I love about Oasap:
-CREDIT!! You get credit for posting of the photo of the item you got
-TRACKING (cuz Im a control freak)
-Relatively cheap
-Lots of choices

What I LOVED about Oasap:
-FREE SHIPPING (They used to offer free shipping but now.... nope)

Note: I got this bag for 22 dollars but apparently they had a price up.

Will definitely buy from oasap again (actually I did already hihi)

Congratulations for me getting in to the rings bandwagon

[I don't know why it took SOOO long]

Comment down below about any ring places/shops I should buy from

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  1. I also have a ring obsession. I buy mine on BornPrettyStore because it's cheap.


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