Can you believe its 2017? I surely can't since I still keep typing 2016.  In this post, I'll be clinging on to the past by showing you two of my F/W essentials (that i'll probably still use in the early months of the year)brown and mauve nailpolish

Product: Sally Hansen in Mauve Along
Rating: 9.5/10

For some reason, I found that the applicator wasn't as comfortable to use. Maybe it's because I'm used to a thinner and less dense brush? I would have given it a 10 if the brush applicator was better.

Super long lasting, even without a top coat!

Product: Ashley in Brown Diamond
Rating: 7/10

Chips easily

Streaky application

Interesting metallic brown color

And that's it! I hope you liked my short review. I've been really loving these kind of colors but I'd like to know if your nail polish taste has been similar to mine recently. Comment down below~

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Girls loving pink, it's a pretty common idea about the female population and for the longest time, I've tried to push it away and go against it. Reverse psychology? But coming into college, I couldn't help it: there's really something about pink. It can be soft and then, striking. It can deliver aesthetic pleasure, both contemporary and retro. And, more importantly, the right shades look reeeaall good with my skin tone.

Today, I continue to share with you my attempts of compensating for the last 17 years wherein I despised pink.

First up, I wanted to talk about these gorgeous illustrations I bought in UPTC from a lovely lady. I got both of these cards for a small 150 php and lemme tell you, it took so much to step away from another pair that featured a girl and a bunny but I had to get this one because there was just the perfect amount of calm and wonder through out both of them.

As a perpetual #brokegirl, I never thought I would give into a bottle of nailpolish costing more than 400 php, but just like about a lot of other things, I was wrong. However, I was happy to discover that this nailpolish was like the equivalent of a real long lasting matte liquid lipstick; it lasted a whole week without chipping! 

Moving on to a cheeky note ( :3 ), I recently got a Human<3Nature blush in the color sun-kissed and am officially in love. The swatch I did gives this blush ZERO justice but to give you guys an idea of how its like, just read the shade name! It literally makes it look like you've been kissed by the sun (in a good way.) - Cruelty-free. 295 php.

I've joined the bomber club with this soft pink number that I got in the Stradivarius sale. This baby goes with so many looks, making it into my repertoire of clothing pieces, and I'm glad I got to grab the last one~

Last but not least, I bought this ribbed dress that goes all the way to my knees on Asos one weekday night; no regrets. (sorry I didn't get to take a proper photo)

What's your

When I was younger, I'd look at the pieces that come out of runways and think that there was no way I would be able to afford those designer items especially as an unemployed student. And yet, I still clung on to the hope that I could adorn myself with pieces that mimicked the unique those from the runway. I wanted to breathe the urban dystopian fashion of Alexander Wang. I wanted to embody the clean quirky and preppy style of Stella McCartney. I wanted to have Anna Sui's eye-popping prints tattooed on me.

When I received an email introducing my to StyleWe, I didn't expect for my dreams to assume reality. In Google-ing the site, I pictured a fashion store that housed the latest trends with the same old cut and style. But man, I was wrong. 

StyleWe houses a beautiful array of clothing pieces by designers that they've freed from the gruesomeness of the business to focus on their art. If you're a fashion designer, you can even email them to house your designs here.

Looking at the curated pieces from the site, it wasn't hard for me to fall in love with 2 aspects of their service. 

1. StyleWe is flooding with unique and wearable pieces
2. StyleWe is affordable compared to the designer brands I've dreamed of

Need I say more? Here's a wishlist featuring unique pieces that I've fallen in love with:

Don't you just love the cut and style of these two pieces? Lilith A Paris and Viewinbox PUSHING THE BOUNDARIES, PEOPLE! More skirts here

Stripe Dress | Quirky designs over a classic pattern

 Dress | Simple Elegance

PROTIP: You can get 10% off coupon if you register :3

| This post was sponsored by StyleWe but all opinions on the site and its products are 100% mine |

Which of the
pieces should
I save up

I like licking lips. To be specific, my lips. I've never been someone who favoured lip balms or other lip products for the purpose of mosturizing my lips. Granted, licking your lips probably doesn't do anything substantial but I just hate having that thick glop of gloop coating my lips and involuntarily making them assume a subtle pout position throughout the entire day. BUT ENOUGH OF THIS RANT. Im here to talk about the only 2 lip balms that I ended up using regularly.

Product: Tony Moly Lipcare Stick- Honey Moisture
(I got this bb for FREE when my mom bought 4 items from the shop)

Made with Manuka Honey
Perfect for everyday wear!
(thin consistent coats. not a gloopy consistency)
Softens the dry parts of the lips and makes it easy for you to scrub it off

Not long lasting

Product: Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream Lip

Gives your lips an amazing smooth shine!
Best for drier and cracked lips
Or just making you lips look plump and full


What lip
balms have you
been loving?

So recently I've given into the temptations of online shopping and I've acquire a couple of items I wanted to haul and give mini reviews on. 

Source of Korean Beauty Goodness:


Wide variety of items available
There are always items on sale
Protip: Check out the Special Offers Tab
Get 15% off your first order!


none that I can think of as of the moment

Product: Etude House Look at My Eyes Cafe
Color: Berry Berry Soda

Grade: B+

I bought this mono eyeshadow... thingy... to use as a blusher because I really like the idea of buying a bright pink blush color in a small quantity as to avoid overspending on a product that I wouldn't be able to finish.


Blends easily
Lovely flattering color
(You can get all the way from a light flush to a "I just got out of the snow" look with just this color)


Product fallout 
(Slight issue when transferring the product from the pot to your brush)

Product: Missha Sheer Fluid Highlighter

Grade: B+

A lovely champagne highlight with a gold glitter running through


Easy application due to the liquid formula 
Gives a more natural highlight effect
(could be a con if you're looking for a BEAMING highlight)


May not be flattering on other skin tones
Could be cheaper
(This was $10.94 for 10 ml)

Notes: I find that using a foundation brush to apply the product works better than fingers.
Don't wait for too long before you blend the product in! You may find it more difficult to blend into a more natural look if your wait too long.

Product: Innisfree Camellia Essential Hair Styling Gel

Grade: B

I use this on wet hair when I want to scrunch curl (is that the proper term?) my hair


Smells good
(it has a refreshing clean smell)
Doesn't make my hair crunchy
A little goes a long way


Doesn't last the whole day on my hair

Product: Clio Waterproof Pen Liner Kill Black

Grade: A+

I super love this liner


Doesn't budge after drying
The perfect sized tip 
(Not so thin that it takes forever to get a dramatic line and not so thick that its impossible to create a nice flick)


haven't encountered any yet

Notes: This liner is so budge proof that even my mom who CANNOT keep her liner on the whole day SWEARS by the lasting power of this one.

I have another product that I've purchased but haven't gotten around to using it enough so I'll just do a follow up on that one.

-Thanks for reading-

I've been obsessed with shopping for a long time now. With every amount I save after a week, I get a peso closer to getting that top I NEED, that skirt "I totally DONT have one like already", or the new BASIC. But with this attitude, my closer will never be complete and I know that I'll never be satisfied. And so, I've been making a little more of an effort to go through the items that used to be that something I NEEDED, that something I DIDN'T have already, and that new BASIC. Here's one of the looks Ive worn featuring those newly-found old pieces:

BAG: Borrowed from my sister's closet
No need to buy a similar one for yourself when you can prey--I mean, ask your sibling nicely.
TOP: Something I used to wear all the time last year
bringing back them old favorites is a good thing!

JACKET: One of my favorites from more 4 years ago

SKIRT: A new addition
but hey, I didn't say I completely gave up on buying new items!


Whats your
newly-found old
clothing item?


I know of a lot people who say that mascara would be their must have makeup item. If they had to choose just one makeup item to wear for the day, it would be mascara. Waterproof mascara being the most popular choice. But I've never taken a liking to it since its just too much of an effort to completely take off! But after convincing myself of the fundamentality of a nice mascara in anyone's makeup kit, I went on the hunt for a NON-waterproof mascara thats cheap and effective. Here's two of what Ive been trying out recently:

PRODUCT: Daiso Twin Side Mascara

On Photo: Eyelash Curler + 1 coat of Mascara


Super cheap
I got this one for 88 php (less than 2 USD)

Holds the curl for the entire day

Natural looking
can you see how fluttery and soft my eyelashes look?

No clumps


Slightly stiff bristles
The bristles are made of plastic and might be a problem for some people

I got teary eyed once and it went down mah face
but since it wasn't waterproof, I wiped it off easily

PRODUCT: Face Shop WI-UP Mascara: Curling Recourbant

On Photo: 2 coats of Mascara (no need to curl your lashes!)


Control over how eyelash are curled
As you can see in the photo, I opted for a side swept curl



Water Resistant
But product is fairly easy to remove



Slightly Clumpy

APPLICATION TIP: For all you peeps that are beginners in the mascara world (like me)

Position you mirror below your chin and apply the mascara while looking down
(opening your mouth for dramatic effect is optional)

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