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Ever since I got obsessed with watching beauty and fashion youtube videos, I’ve become really curious about online shopping. Whenever they would make hauls and feature brands that I didn’t know, I would always get jealous because I didn’t have the means to get those pieces of clothing. HOWEVER, one day the universe finally sided with me and led me to discover one of the most genius inventions of all time (Im exaggerating), THE E-CARD. Basically, it’s a pre-paid card so you don’t have to worry about hackers hacking into the site and just using your card till it reaches the credit limit.

Once I got my card, I was sucked into the online shopping vortex. Checking out so many shops, adding so many things to my wish list, and having soooo much fun. Finally, I decided to make my first purchase….s I got my sister a notebook from etsy, and then I got myself a bag and a pair of shoes from oasap and asos, respectively. I was confident about my purchases because I did research about the places the I was going to buy from. HOWEVER, worries started to control me when my packages didn’t arrive at the estimated dates. I didn’t use any third-party couriers and I thought it would be okay. WRONG! After consulting google, I found out about the horrible system that our local postal service has. After each day that passed by, I slowly convinced myself that it would be okay for me not to get my packages because of my ignorance.

BUT LUCKILY…. On Jan 19, MY PACKAGE ARRIVED!!! I got my notebook in the mail and an invoice to get my packages from the postal office. I had to pay a total of 100 Pesos (50 pesos/package). Not as bad as I thought it would! Overall, I would say that I would still choose to use PhlPost for purchases below 2k because of this experience. However, I would, in the future, opt to get a third-party courier for more expensive purchases.

[Coming soon: Product reviews]

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