ASOS shoes purchase review!

 My previous post talked about my first purchase and here is one of the products!
 I purchased these babies at Asos and here is the photo on the website:
As you can see from the picture above the shoe gives a leather-y/wax-y look however on the close up you can see that it is actually made out of a suede-y sort of material

The actual shoes:
Rating: 4/5
~The shoes looked exactly like the one on the photo. (The close ups)
~It felt comfortable on the ball of the feet portion.
~However, the ankle strap was hurting my ankles
TIP!!: The ankle strap wasn't a problem after all. Apply some petroleum jelly on the part of your ankle that is getting hit by the strap and VIOLA! zero pain.

How I styled it? 
I wore snake skin patterned leather-y black pants, loose crew-neck black top and my favorite clutch bag.

Feel free to ask questions ^ ^ 
Comment down if you think I should make a look book with these shoes!

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  1. Thanks for the petroleum jelly tip, I never knew that! Adorable shoes girl work it :)


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