Summer Blush: CRUELTY-FREE Makeup & Clothing Haul

Girls loving pink, it's a pretty common idea about the female population and for the longest time, I've tried to push it away and go against it. Reverse psychology? But coming into college, I couldn't help it: there's really something about pink. It can be soft and then, striking. It can deliver aesthetic pleasure, both contemporary and retro. And, more importantly, the right shades look reeeaall good with my skin tone.

Today, I continue to share with you my attempts of compensating for the last 17 years wherein I despised pink.

First up, I wanted to talk about these gorgeous illustrations I bought in UPTC from a lovely lady. I got both of these cards for a small 150 php and lemme tell you, it took so much to step away from another pair that featured a girl and a bunny but I had to get this one because there was just the perfect amount of calm and wonder through out both of them.

As a perpetual #brokegirl, I never thought I would give into a bottle of nailpolish costing more than 400 php, but just like about a lot of other things, I was wrong. However, I was happy to discover that this nailpolish was like the equivalent of a real long lasting matte liquid lipstick; it lasted a whole week without chipping! 

Moving on to a cheeky note ( :3 ), I recently got a Human<3Nature blush in the color sun-kissed and am officially in love. The swatch I did gives this blush ZERO justice but to give you guys an idea of how its like, just read the shade name! It literally makes it look like you've been kissed by the sun (in a good way.) - Cruelty-free. 295 php.

I've joined the bomber club with this soft pink number that I got in the Stradivarius sale. This baby goes with so many looks, making it into my repertoire of clothing pieces, and I'm glad I got to grab the last one~

Last but not least, I bought this ribbed dress that goes all the way to my knees on Asos one weekday night; no regrets. (sorry I didn't get to take a proper photo)

What's your

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  1. Those illustrations are beautiful! I always admire those that can produce that kind of art because I know I never will be that creative or artistic >_< And that bomber jacket is amazing as well. I also used to despise pink and anything "girly", haha. I've gone so far since then.

  2. Love that all the brands and items here are cruelty free! The bomber jacket is so beautiful x

    Beauty with charm

  3. I super love the nail polish colour! Also that bomber jacket is.. the bomb. Aight okay I'm so lame LOL. Anyways, pink really suits you :'D It's such a happy colour~ | THAILAND IN 3 MINUTES

  4. Pink candy looks gorgeous! Love nail shades like this!

    Danielle's Beauty Blog

  5. These all look lovely! Those illustrations are gorgeous ♥
    Amy xx

    Little Moon Dragon

  6. Omg beautiful illustrations. Where did you get it?

    Love, kandice.

  7. Such beautiful clothing and the makeup packaging is ever so cute! A very lovely post.

    Laura xo

  8. Oh my gosh how cute is that packaging of the makeup?! SO pretty xx

    Gemma ♥ | Miss Makeup Magpie

  9. I am usually not a fan of pink but I adore the pale pastel pink nail polish. That is definitely something that I would wear!

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  10. Wow that blush is so so gorgeous. Love the orange tones! I love pastel pinks so much, and especially on my finger nails. I am excited for the deeper colours that fall brings though. These colours are perfect for summer. ;)


  11. Love it
    Hadasah Love |


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